Grim’s Minions

Kevin “Grimthorn F. Redbeard” Stallard –Track Director

Kevin has been speaking on panels at Dragon Con since 2002, when he was (literally) pulled out of the audience to speak about EverQuest.  (You can blame Trevor for that.)  Starting as a MUD developer in the early 90’s (Star Wars MUD, RealmsMUD), continuing as a Guide in EverQuest, taking a bit of time to do some early beta testing on World of Warcraft, and finally winding up as a columnist, Kevin has done a little bit of everything from development to testing to customer service, to high-end raiding.  Occasionally, Kevin appears on podcasts and radio shows as a guest in order to talk about Dragon Con and Video Games in general. (The rest of the team tries to warn the general public in advance of these appearances because 4 days of Kevin at Dragon Con is quite enough, thank you.)


Mike Capps- Co-Director and Spiritual Advisor

Mike was President of Epic Games until 2012 when he decided to take on a REAL video game challenge and work with the Video Gaming Track at Dragon Con. I mean, ANYONE could work on titles like Unreal Tournament or Gears of War, but it takes serious talent to work with this crew. Mike works with Kevin, and the rest of the team, throughout the year on our guests and programming and helps us look “respectable” to polite society. (Mike, thank you for all you and Julianne do for us. We’re grateful, but if I didn’t snark, you wouldn’t feel like part of the family. -K)


Trevor “Palehorse” Legg – Assistant Track Director

Trevor has been involved in gaming panels at Dragon*Con for nearly a decade. Way back when EverQuest and Ultima Online were the only games in town (at least as far as MMO’s go), Trevor was running MMO panels as part of the EFF track (which still claims to run online gaming, much to our annoyance). In 2002, as part of a panel on EverQuest, he recognized a loud-mouthed smartass in the audience as a classmate of his from high school and convinced him to participate as a panelist for the next couple of years. Who knew that he would be responsible for unleashing Grim on the rest of Dragon*Con? (ed: Yeah, Grim wrote this… consider it incentive to write your own bio. That goes for the rest of you as well!)


   Dawn “Ruthless” Harvey – Team Lead – Big Room Programming

Being the youngest out of nine kids Dawn always had some type of gaming console in her house. Starting her off with classic pc games like Battle Chess, Dawn’s father helped her love for gaming grow and when he came home with the PlayStation she was hooked. From there her love for gaming has only gotten bigger. Playing WoW since vanilla, finding her true love with Mass Effect, a Sony fan girl through and through, a Pharah main, the list could go on. Being a Group Store Leader for GameStop, Dawns hobby has also turned into her career. Dawn is compassionate, fun loving, and always up for a good laugh, but don’t get on her bad side, she didn’t get the name Ruthless by singing in the forest with woodland creatures.

Jason “Captain ‘Murica” Gonding – Team Lead – Small and Main Programming

Jason boasts a goatee WITH a full head of hair that must be rectified before the next Dragon Con.

(Seriously, one or the other is getting shaved.)

Jason is an avid gamer in multiple arenas, be it a MMO, miniatures wargame or pen & paper RPG. He’s been a volunteer at DragonCon off & on for over the last 10 years working in campaign & board gaming before moving up to the big leagues in the Video Gaming track.

His interests include long walks on the beach, pouring through patch notes to see how Holy Paladins have been nerfed, & building his own Doombot.

Jason “Jhaer” Pace – Social Media Guy

Jhaer, also called Jason, was formed out of the aether in the mid-1970s, which explains a lot. Raised on a steady diet of BASIC and ROM chips he escaped onto the Internet by modem – 300 baud, which also explains a lot – and wandered the digital wastelands. From the Solar and Barren Realms to Britannia, from Norrath to Azeroth, he survived the Trade Wars, the Global Agenda and the outbreak in the city of Malton, he has puzzled with pirates, freed realms, gone to wizard school and danced until dawn with heroes in spandex. He has seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. He watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… No, wait, that last part was Roy Batty in Blade Runner. But it could be true. Seriously. Either that or Jason is programmer who has gaming and movie geek issues. But, hey, who doesn’t?  Am I right?

Jason also maintains a blog called Aim for the Head at

Rafe “Cat Herder” Brox – Team Lead – Brute Squad

One-time raid realer. Cat-herder. Lifter of heavy things and runner of obscure errands. They might as well call him NyQuil, because he’s in charge of the giant queues.

When not prowling the halls outside of our track rooms and bellowing helpfully at our guests, Rafe is a record-holding weightlifter, a Knight of Sufferlandria, and spends far too many of his waking hours in a beige cubicle. Nobody likes him when he’s angry.


Mike “Dark Lord McGrizzle-Bizzle” McGreevy – Logistics Lead

Otherwise known as the “Sane One” in the Video Gaming Track braintrust, Mike has the double misfortune of having to work with many of the volunteers here at Dragon Con as well as being their “Guild Lemur” in World of Warcraft. (yeah, Mike isn’t actively playing WoW anymore, but he’ll always be our Guild Lemur.) Mike is an accomplished thespian, and as a result of many positive mentions in his stage reviews has demanded to be introduced as “The Always Magificent, Michael C. McGreevy”. How he convinced Kevin to go along with this idea, nobody is quite certain.


Holly “Saidae” Brown – Den Momma

Suckered into Azeroth (and the world of gaming) by an Ex as a way to have “together time” in 2007. Much like the well known WoW commercial, he is gone and Warcraft is still a personal obsession. Everything from Raiding to Achievements to Lore, if it is located in Azeroth it is something to be devoured and made hers. The love of WoW even filters into her social media life with her Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ acts all registered under her main toon’s name rather then her own.

In recent years, the need for avoiding the land of bad tv between Dr Who seasons and Firefly marathons she has expanded her collection of worlds to include Minecraft, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, and Diablo 3. When not sitting in front of the computer relieving stress by taking out the enemy, you can find Saidae sewing clothes and costumes that show off her love of the 50s, British SciFi, and Gaming. Yes… she does actually have a Horde circle skirt, complete with matching blood red kitten heels.


Emma “Bluegrayemma” Pool – Costume Contest Coordinator

From New Jersey, Emma has competed in cosplay contests and helped run them before. Now she comes to Atlanta to help Dragon*Con’s cosplay contest. Emma is a dedicated cosplayer and gamer. Having mostly marvel based costumes and playing mostly pokemon games. She was raised in a nerdy family with a father who has been attending cons for nearly 50 years.


Karissa “Always Working” Barrows – Guest Liaison

Karissa, while living life as a single SuperMom to an 8-year-old video game aficionado, occasionally stretches her legs as a gamer herself, appearance booking agent, tech support specialist, gaming community manager, webmaster, and/or DragonCon video games guest liaison. She gets up early in the morning, works two jobs at once, then continues working two to four more simultaneously until late at night. Don’t get her wrong, though – two of the gigs are her dream jobs, so there are few to no complaints. Labor Day weekend, however, is all about her guest charges and The Con™. If there’s a Persona or Kingdom Hearts game nearby, she’s probably playing it… assuming she has any spare time at that given moment.


Matthew “Shen” Brincefield

While relatively new to this new-fangled ‘MMO’ gaming, Shen has been entrenched in fantasy gaming and video games since his childhood. He was forever changed in a horrible industrial accident involving an old D&D boxed set and an Atari 2600. His condition evolved when friends convinced him to try out World of Warcraft. Now, he strives to keep his gaming activities social, preferring party games and meeting virtual friends in real life whenever possible.


Brandy “Bumble” Parker

Brandy is your typical sweet and innocent, blonde and blue-eyed Louisiana girl. It wasn’t till LSU that she was introduced to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy, role-playing world. What is this “Dungeons & Dragons” of which you speak? Show me more ShadowRun and Vampire! Her psyche began to form another, more masterful side. Myca was formed on a World of Warcraft, wrapping up her stronger traits in Shammy Goodness! With her fist weapons of power, she joined her fellow lemmings of rabidness, leaping from high places and dancing naked in large cities! But there was another metamorphosis to be had…after many trials and tribulations, Myca had to be abandoned in limbo until a more fortuitous time is reached. But the other psyche could not rest! After attending dragoncon a few times, the many pirates, superheroes, zombies, and druggie muffinheads raised The Bumble from the timid recesses of Brandy’s mind! Her main thought? “Butt-kicking for Goodness!”


Michelle “Cara Mel” Brannon

Michelle has always been a geek and gamer. From following her dad to comic book stores to spending all hours of the day playing the Nintendo and Sega with her cousins, it’s a culture she is quite used to. After graduating high school, she began going to conventions and cosplaying. Michelle was Kitana in a Mortal Kombat skit for the Anime Mid-Atlantic 2011 Masquerade that won Best Novice Performance. Her Mortal Kombat 9 Kitana Kosplay has been published on the official Geek Girls website. Her Bombshell Catwoman has also been published by Geek Girls as well as Project Nerd (DragonCon 2015 shoot). She played Chell in the local fan film “Portal:Origins” in 2013. Michelle has an associate degree in science and is currently working towards a career in acting. She has been volunteering with the Video Game Track since 2014.

Mike “Kyng Llama” Parker

Mike. Kyng of all Llamas. The PiEfather. I am all these things, and more. I love long walks on the beaches of Kalimdor. The wastelands of both D.C. and Las Vegas know me as The Vault Dweller. I have been Commander Shepard a number of times. There is no corner of Pandora or its moon that I have not shot to hell. Even in the dim and distant past, I have made the wakka-wakka sound while chasing and eating ghosts. Tremble before me for I am a GAMER. Now I am tired and in need of apple flavored alcoholic beverage. And a Hot Pocket.


Sean “Professor Haggus” Hagler

Forged in the age of arcade machines he grew with the birth of the internet, was molded by it. Text dungeons were his realm at 57k speeds. He didn’t see Broadband until he was a man. Decades spent toying with the elder Gods of coffee he took a brief hiatus to become the undisputed king of geek trivia while managing Battle and Brew for 6 years. They call of the coffee gods were strong, and he is back within their black embrace. When he is not roaming the wastelands with Dogmeat, he can sometimes be found in the worlds of Azeroth, Hyrule, or Tyria. He also likes cats.


Kip “FNG 9000” McRainey

Kip McRainey has worked in the tech industry over the last 10 years as a Quality Assurance professional. The majority of his roles have been in the video game sector, where he somehow convinced a handful of gaming studios to give him American currency in exchange for playing their games. He has performed QA development tasks for such companies as Telltale Games, Cyan Worlds and Turner Gaming Network. Kip was once given the honor of being an official industry judge for the Independent Gaming Festival. He currently performs Diagnostic Engineering duties for Panasonic.

Ben “Zudaru” Curtis

I’m not an OG gamer, though I know some who were. I remember Kevin hacking games like Darklands with a Norton Hex editing tool. I don’t really have the patience and zen meditation to truly play at the next level, but I have fun with games. Having said that , Darklands was cutting edge in 1990 , so I have been near games for a long time. I have also been around many of the gaming track long enough to know that in fact bodies are not burned as is commonly believed, but disposed of in a variety of interesting ways that usually involve a sawzall, quick drying cement , and a suspiciously fast gazelle.

Clayton “Philbert” Fraser

Clayton has always had a passion for gaming. Starting at the age of four with the Super Nintendo, he’s always been an avid gamer. His love for gaming led him to eagerly try new genres of gaming. His enthusiasm in video games ultimately led him to working at GameStop in 2010, where he is currently a Store Leader. His first convention was Mega Con in Orlando, Fl. in 2013, and then Dragon Con that same year, and has been going to at least one Con a year since. Aside from gaming, his hobbies include computer building, science, and most recently working out.

Shawn “Thunder” Moore

Gaming has been apart of my life very early on- whether it be card games and the NES as a kid, to PlayStation and XBOX now as an adult. I love a game that pushes me to think critically… and allows me to shoot up some zombies (a huge Resident Evil fan… DUH). One quote sums up my view on gaming is one from Andy Serkis, “Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.”

I am currently working at SCAD as Assistant Director for Student Life and pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.

Daniel “Lightning” Edwards

It all started with a race for the emerald in Sonic the Hedgehog. The gaming bug bit me and I was never the same. Since then I’ve become a fighter in games like Super Smash Bros, Marvel Nemesis and Soul Caliber. Also an adventurer in Legend of Zelda and Diablo. Currently I work in public health doing prevention work at AID Atlanta where (among other things) I host a monthly game night for my fellow nerds. I also make it rain with “Thunder.”

Sarah “Swiggity Swesbian” Cheimis

Early days of stealing her brother’s gameboy to play pokemon turned into a lifelong addiction for which there is no cure. Sarah has been going to cons since age 12 and attended her first Dragon*con at age 16 where she was pulled head first into the Bioware cosplay community. Incidentally, this is how she fell in with Karissa and eventually Video Game track. Given her costuming obsession, there are several games she’s started playing purely because of a character design which caught her attention. A lover of both all things soft, cute, and squishy in addition to those shiny, pointy, and bloody Sarah can be found playing any game ranging from Harvest Moon to Hakuoki to Dragon Age.

A lover of consoles and handhelds(being one of the rare owners of a psvita) she spends most of her time replaying games she’s already beaten a half dozen times. Is a bioware fan of the hardcore variety, who can’t manage a renegade run in mass effect without feeling bad or make mean decisions in any dragon age game unless she’s playing an elf. To ask her about visual novels is to be willing to receive a dissertation about the finer points of otome and horror. However, remember not to ask her why none of them are being localized in the US unless you’ve got two hours of your day you don’t mind spending listening to why smartphones and micro-transactions are ruining the chances for otome games to get full US releases.

James “Rev Jim” Whitaker

The Right Reverend is a man of many talents.  Though he doesn’t spend as much time gaming as he used to, he can still farm the shiz out of some WoW and loves to battle pets with the best of them.  James spends most of his time being a brilliant legal mind and lawing it up like a mofo (in the new Savannah Law School)!  He is a many year veteran of D*Con and an active member of the Navy Reserve.

While at Con, Rev Jim can be found everywhere and nowhere, all at once, probably volunteering to be working when it’s not his shift and doing random other MMO Track stuff just because it needs to be done dammit!

Warning:  James has frisky tendencies.  If you get within a few feet of him, you are liable to be touched, hugged, or genitally,,,err generally… fondled. For the faith of course. (No, that doesn’t sound creepy at all! – Grim)

Haley “Energizer Bunny” Bowers

I’ve been playing video games since I was two or three, I started with UO, then moved onto EQ, and I’m a vanilla wow player. My guild is Seizure Salad on Twisting Nether, and on there everyone calls me Ehi (short for my toon’s name: Ehisarel). My family plays WoW together nightly, and at family get togethers we work through D&D campaigns or join up for a raid or two.

I am also a prominent programmer on my schools robotics team, was Ceo in this past year , and when I’m not tankin it up I’m usually breaking robots. Other teams of robotics call me the Energizer Bunny (Eb) as am a person that likes to be moving, talking, jumping, dancing, doing Something.

Devin “Press X for Fisticuffs” Summer

Devin has had an enthusiastic love for gaming since he first picked up an NES controller in his early childhood. From the beloved classics such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, to the far advanced fancy features of present day games such as Overwatch and GTA, Devin has been shooting, slashing, and facemelting his way to the high score. And if any noobs need owning, he will happily raise his beer and his fisticuffs ’til the game’s over… or he falls asleep because chances are it’s a ranked match that lasts ’til 4 A.M. Devin has been going to DragonCon since ’07 and now looks forward to joining his fellow nerd brethren in the video gaming volunteer track.

Patrick “New Guy 9000” Chapman

Patrick is a long time gamer and tinkerer. He is a typical jack of all trades and master of none, playing any game he can get his hands on but not going pro on the eSports circuit anytime soon. Patrick has volunteered at Dragoncon off and on for many years in the campaign RPG area but decided to switch up to Video gaming for something a little different. He has a lot of hobbies outside of gaming but most come back to that fundamental challenge of building things or solving puzzles.

Jocelyn “Nickname TBD” Ashton

Being a geek is in Jocelyn’s blood from a small child going to conventions with the savannah’s sci- fic club with her mother to spending hours in front of the TV playing her systems. As the years have gone by and games have gotten better, cons have gotten bigger and the glory of the geek has risen so has the love iof games in Jocelyn. Her list of games can go on for a mile or more starting from her first system till the ps4 she loves to play. Right now her all time favorite game is Kingdom Hearts and she is a Playstation Girl for life. Even though she doesn’t work in the tech industy she still manages to find gamers and chat about games while at work. This is her third year going to Dragoncon but her first year volunteering.

Jennifer “Did you know that if you speak really slowly, the word ‘Gullible’ rhymes with ‘Orange’?” Ruscilli

Brave enough to volunteer for our so=called organization, yet naive enough to trust Grim with writing her bio for this page. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Jennifer. She has graciously volunteered to be our pie taste tester this year and has expressed enthusiasm about sampling our “pastries”. She is also looking forward to sampling our tea collection while playing in games of Fortnite and PUBG with the rest of the volunteer staff after hearing stories about all of the teabags we have been exchanging while playing those games. We are VERY happy to have her join our team.


Bryce’s gaming experience is as eclectic as his convention experience and almost as extensive. He’s worked at small conventions as well as the bigger ones as well, from Magnum Opus Con to Con Carolinas to DragonCon and many more along the way. Gaming-wise, his experience is just as varied as he’s done console gaming as well as computer gaming. To get his fix of different games and to keep his interest up, he relies on his work with GameStop to keep up to date with what’s going on in the gaming world. Non-gaming wise, he’s a comic book geek from an early age who lucked out and married a fellow comic book geek. They have two 4 legged kids and one son who just graduated high school.

Shannon “Panda” Tucker

Shannon has been hooked on Video games since her parents gifted her and her brother Mark, a Super Nintendo in 1994. She loves shooting midgets in the face and slaying dragons. Her first DragonCon she DM’ed for Dungeons & Dragons in 2008. Since then, she’s found many new comrades and looks forward to more adventures!