2017 Schedule

This is our track schedule, there are (not) many like it, but this one is ours. A couple of things you should know first…

1) This is not final. Guests cancel. Others show up at the last minute.

2) “Fans” Programming is in Augusta B-D, “Fans” programming consists of voice actors, trivia contests, and that sort of content.

3) “Makers” Programming is in Augusta E-G. “Makers” programming consists of the people who make video games and more industry-centric content.

4) The big stuff goes in ballrooms. Sometimes we have to put things in a track room that should really be in a ballroom. We do our best to predict crowds based on previous year’s attendance, but sometimes we don’t see something coming. (For example, I can tell you that DC Douglas’s Erotic Fan Fiction panel is almost ALWAYS packed.)

Any questions? Please drop us a line and let us know!




Sorry guys, we’re in the middle of a bunch of last minute changes, yes, I know it is two weeks before con, but hang in there with us!