Grimmy and Santa – A Christmas Raid
Posted on December 18th, 2014 by Grim


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,and all through Highmaul
not a creature was stirring, the raid killed them all.
The bosses were piled in a heap on the ground,
in hopes that phat lewts soon would be found.


The noobs were rezzed, all snug with fresh buffs,
while cross server power gamers left in a huff.
And the Raid Leader  opened his bottle of scotch,
while most recent dead boss got facefulls of crotch.


When over the main raid channel in mumble,
came a hearty laugh, nay a full throated rumble.
“Who could that be?  Isn’t that weird?”
and ‘lo, there were the newcomers, both sporting a beard.


One of the lads had a thick beard of red,
he snickered and smiled at the stacked-up dead.
For the other newcomer, the raid cheered with delight,
For he cut a familiar figure, with a bushy beard of white.


There were two huge bags slung over each of the gents,
containing goodies for all, extra bonus presents.
“Come DPS,  come healers and tanks
Get your upgrades, there’s no need for thanks!”


The raid members gathered to see what they’d get,
when Grimmy said “Hold on.  We’re not done yet.”
“There’s one more boss that you have to face.
No mere tank and spank or DPS race.”


All of a sudden, Grim and Santa attacked,
with mighty axes, the bearded ones hacked.
The raid fought back hard, it has to be said,
but when all was said and done, both beards were quite red.


When the wipe was complete, and all rezzed and healed.
Grim and Santa took their leave from the field.
By way of apology, they left their bags on the ground.
“Merry Christmas to all, we’ll see you around!”