2014, Day 3
Posted on August 31st, 2014 by Jhaer

It’s Sunday at the con. Are you ready? Here is what we have planned…

DISCLAIMER: These posts are made in advance, for any last minute changes always check with the Daily Dragon and/or the Dragon Con mobile app.

10:00 am, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Community Relations Q&A
Strategies for the avoidance of choking the life out of snot-nosed, whiny, entitled gamers… and other fun stories about life in the trenches. Guests: Ben Lesnick, Tony Jones, Drybear

10:00 am, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Designing Video Games for E-Sports
What do developers have to do differently to make a game suitable for “E-Sports”? What features are a must and what mistakes must you avoid? Guests: HirezChris, Pilar Gut-Rod, Rudi Bonaparte

10:00 am, A601-602, 1 Hour
Beyond “The Guild”
Vork and Zaboo talk about life after “The Guild” and some of the things they’ve been doing lately. Guests: Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh

11:30 am, Grand Ballroom East, 1 Hour
Linear vs Non-Linear Narrative in Shroud of the Avatar
Tracy & Richard discuss Blade of the Avatar (novel) and Shroud of the Avatar (game) and how they interact with each other. Guests: Richard Garriott, Tracy Hickman, Starr Long

11:30 am, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
The Science of Mass Effect
A discussion of the biodiversity of Mass Effect. (aka We can explain why “Lizards with Boobs” is a silly idea.) Guests: Eric P Spana

11:30 am, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
World of Warcraft Lore with Christie Golden
What’s next for Garrosh? How are the Pandaren going to rebuild? Who is pulling the strings for the bad guys on Azeroth? Guests: Christie Golden. Host: Megan Tindale.

01:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Riot Games – Many roads into the games industry
Rioters will share their journeys — both traditional and non-traditional — into the world of making games. Guests: Pilar Gutierrez, Randy Begel, Myke Hoff, Rudi Bonaparte

01:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Video Game Costume Contest – Pre-Judging
If you want to be in the contest, you have to come here first.

02:30 pm, Grand Ballroom East, 2.5 Hours
Video Game Costume Contest
Your favorite video game characters are brought to life through amazing costumes on a big stage! (Pre-registration required to compete) Judges: Mike Capps, Zonbi, Courtenay Taylor, Bill Watters

02:30 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Video Games as a Tool for Social Change
It’s all fun and games, except when it isn’t. How can video games make a real difference in the real world? Guests: Ian Bogost

02:30 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
15 Years of EverQuest
A celebration of all things Norrath. It may not have been the first MMORPG, but after 15 years, EverQuest is still going strong. Guests: Tony Jones, Colette Murphy, Ted Stone, Tiffany Spence

04:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 2.5 Hours
Shroud of the Avatar – Roundtable
Portalarium Games answers questions about the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar and provides an intimate look into the development process. Guests: Richard Garriott, Tracy Hickman, Starr Long

04:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Sony Online Entertainment Presents – Landmark
Floating pyramids, giant fire breathing dragon head statues, and mighty ice castles. Just some of the things that you can build in Landmark. Guests: Colette Murphy, Tony Jones, Ted Stone, Tiffany Spence

05:30 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Lessons in Lore – New School
Lessons in Lore delivers a humorous retelling of the story that’s happened since World of Warcraft began. Presenters: Chad Tindale, Megan Tindale

07:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
All Things Halo – An Interactive Trivia Game
Do you know what the difference is between the UNSC and Covenant? All Things Halo is a celebration of… well, you get the idea, right? Host: Travis Herring. Guests: Steve Downes, Courtenay Taylor, Tim Dadabo

07:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Gender/Sex issues in Video Games
A frank discussion of issues surrounding gender and sexuality in video games and video game culture. Guests: Rhonda Oglesby, Seraphina Brennan

08:30 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Construct Your Fandom: Building Halo Armor
Old school with a Halo: Combat Evolved Master Chief? Go with Halo 4 style? Learn how to build with Pepakura Designer, fiberglass, EVA foam and more. Presenters: Travis Herring