2014, Day 2
Posted on August 30th, 2014 by Jhaer

Saturday at the con always begins the same. Do you go to the parade or not? In either case, here is what we’ve got in store for the day…

DISCLAIMER: These posts are made in advance, for any last minute changes always check with the Daily Dragon and/or the Dragon Con mobile app.

10:00 am, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
So You Want to be a Video Game Writer?
Industry professionals provide insight and information on writing for video games. Guests: Tracy Hickman, David Haddock, Ann Lemay, Randy Begel, Bill Bridges

10:00 am, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Wear your jammies and bring your cereal! Romily presents your favorite light machinima comedy videos from over the years to brighten your morning. Host: Romily

11:30 am, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
“Why did they do THAT?” – Tales from the Professionals
Industry veterans discuss behind-the-scenes stories and thought processes that lead to some great (and not-so-great) moments in video gaming history. Guests: Starr Long, Mike Capps, Alex Mayberry

11:30 am, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Crowdfunding Video Games
Shroud of the Avatar and Star Citizen. Are they the way of the future when it comes to financing game development? What have we learned so far? Guests: Richard Garriott, Ben Lesnick, Ian Bogost, Chris Avellone

01:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Console Wars: The Next Generation
XBox One, PS4… Who won? What’s next? Where did it all go wrong (or right)? Guests: Mike Capps, Ian Bogost, Alex Mayberry

01:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Blizzard – World of Warcraft Q&A
What’s next in Azeroth? Are they finally going to nerf Warlocks into the oblivion they so richly deserve. (Why, yes, I play a mage. Why do you ask?) Guests: Jonathan LeCraft

02:30 pm, Grand Salon D, 2.5 Hours
Meet Artix Entertainment
They’re BACK! The gang that brought you AdventureQuest, MechQuest, DragonFable, and HeroSmash bring you more hijinks and surprises. Guests: Cysero, Zazul

02:30 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Missing Worlds Media Presents – City of Titans
CoT is the spiritual successor to City of Heroes, being put together by a group of volunteer developers left homeless by the closure of the game. Guests: Stephanie “Conundrum of Furballs” Smith, KT Morris, Jack Snyder

02:30 pm, Imperial Ballroom, 1 Hour
Voice Actors – Mass Effect
Commander Shepard, EDI, and Commander Bailey walk into a bar…Which is a neat trick considering that one of them is a computer. Guests: Michael Hogan, Tricia Helfer, Mark Meer, Courtenay Taylor, Kimberly Brooks

04:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Introducing Pathfinder Online
One of the most popular pen-and-paper gaming systems is making its way into the online world. Guests: Jason Bulmahn, Erik Mona

04:00 pm, Grand Ballroom West, 1 Hour
Halo Voice Actor Q&A
Master Chief and friends answer your questions on all things Halo. Guests: Steve Downes, Courtenay Taylor, Tim Dadabo

05:30 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Cloud Imperium – Star Citizen Q&A
With nearly $50 million in crowdfunded support, Star Citizen is one of the most anticipated titles in years. Guests: Ben Lesnick, David Haddock, David Hobbins, David Ladyman, Alex Mayberry

05:30 pm, A601-602, 1 Hour
The Rise of Webseries in Entertainment
Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh, Alisa Stern

07:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 2.5 Hours
Geek Trivia
The Annual Quest for the Bling Gnome is in its 6th year, now expanded to include all facets of geekdom. Immortality awaits for our champions. Hosts: Kevin Stallard, Phil Collins

10:00 pm, Grand Ballroom A-F, 4 Hours
Heroes and Villains Ball
Good Guys (Video Games) and Bad Guys (Brit Track) dancing til we drop. DJ Jennocide spins tunes for the very last time in her farewell gig.