2014, Day 1
Posted on August 29th, 2014 by Jhaer

As the immortal Rebecca Black said, “It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. Friday, Friday, Gettin’ down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend.” And what a weekend we have planned, but it all starts on Friday…

DISCLAIMER: These posts are made in advance, for any last minute changes always check with the Daily Dragon and/or the Dragon Con mobile app.

10:00 am, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Technology Trends in Video Games
There are many trends in video games today that will influence and even dominate the next 10 years. What’s coming? and What does that mean for gamers? Guests: Starr Long

11:30 am, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Turbine Presents – Infinite Crisis
If you ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and the Legion of Doom… Take it to the MOBA and find out! Guests: Seraphina Brennan

11:30 am, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
World Design – Video Game vs Table Top
A discussion of the similarities, differences, and nuances of designing worlds for video games and for table top games. Guests: Richard Garriott, Jason Bulmahn, Ian Frazier, Clint Black, Bill Bridges

11:30 am, Grand Ballroom West, 1 Hour
Voice Actors – World of Warcraft
Vol’jin and High Tinker Mekkatorque discuss life, the universe, and King Varian Wrynn’s personal grooming habits. Guests: Dino Andrade, Courtenay Taylor, David Blue, Host: Chad Tindale

01:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Designing Awesome Video Games
A roundtable discussion of the ins and outs of video game design. Guests: Mike Capps, Jonathan LeCraft, Michael Sellers, Chris Avellone, Ian Frazier

01:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Lessons in Lore – Old School
Lessons in Lore retell the story of Warcraft up to World of Warcraft, in their irreverent and animated way. Presenters: Chad Tindale, Megan Tindale

02:30 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Women in the Video Game Industry
A roundtable discussion of the issues that women face behind-the-scenes in the video gaming industry. Guests: Ann Lemay, Cameron Harris, Colette Murphy, Seraphina Brennan

02:30 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
E-Sports Announcer – Q&A
There are numerous channels where modern-day Maddens call the action of your favorite video games. What’s it like to be an “E-Sportscaster”? Guests: Brian “Lionheart” Grayson, Adam Mierzejewski, Drybear

02:30 pm, Grand Ballroom East, 1 Hour
Inside The Guild
Vork and Zaboo give you the inside view of six seasons of The Guild. Guests: Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh

04:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Designing Games for Mobile Platforms
First, there were giant computer monitors. Then, there were laptops. Now, you can play video games on a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Guests: Alison Carrier, Ian Bogost

04:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
WoW Costume Contest – Pre-Judging
If you want to be in the contest, you need to come here first.

05:30 pm, Grand Ballroom East, 1 Hour
WoW Costume Contest
Once again, it’s time for “Azeroth’s Next Top Model”. (You must attend pre-judging to compete) Judges: Jonathan LeCraft, Kamui, Alexis Montclaire, Alex Mayberry. Host: Megan Tindale

05:30 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
HiRez Studios – SMITE Q&A
Who says you can’t play God(s)? Guests: Brian “Lionheart” Grayson, Adam Mierzejewski, Drybear, Mick Larkins, HirezChris, Scott Zier, Bryan Wynia

05:30 pm, Grand Salon E, 1 Hour
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Fan Meetup
Steph and Mark are back with more Huttball, more games, and more surprises. Bioware heard about last year and decided to join in the fun! Guests: Cameron Harris, Panelist: Stephanie Watson, Mark Cogan

07:00 pm, Grand Salon D, 1 Hour
Game on Girl Presents – What’s Your Gamer Type?
Are you a goal-driven gamer who collects achievements? Do you make up backstories for your game characters? Learn what your gamer type says about you. Guests: Rhonda Oglesby

07:00 pm, Grand Salon E, 2.5 Hours
Machinima Achievements
The genre of machinima is changing – new engines, avatars, and fresh looks. We have the best of the newest films by directors from around the globe. Host: Romily

08:30 pm, Imperial Ballroom, 4 Hours
World of Warcraft – Darkmoon Faire
Celebrate WoW’s 10th anniversary with carnival games, trivia, a dance contest, and the rest of the WoW Community. Family friendly before 10pm.