Hi-Rez Studios
Posted on August 22nd, 2014 by Jhaer

HiRezHi-Rez Studios is an Atlanta-based game studio, and makers of Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend and Smite. They join us this year with a crew to sit on panels and are running a Smite tournament with our digital gaming track.

Mick Larkins is a senior software engineer at Hi-Rez Studios and is focused on gameplay systems, being a creative project lead, and creating e-sports/spectating features. Mick has published three books and has been a professor at SCAD. He holds a BS in computer science and a Masters of Fine Arts.

Adam “HiRezAPC” Mierzejewski’s passion in gaming allowed for him to obtain a full time job with Hi-Rez Studios. He runs and manages the SMITE eSports scene and its players with weekly tournaments and large scale LAN events.

Scott Zier is the Lead Designer of Hi-Rez Studios latest game, SMITE.

Drybear is the Community Manager for Hi-Rez Studios and the game Smite. He is also an eSports Commentator, Youtuber, Streamer, and website owner.

HirezChris is a Producer on Smite.