Posted on August 11th, 2014 by Jhaer

FacebookLate in 2004, a new MMO called ‘World of Warcraft’ was released. A WoW machinima music video caught Romily’s eye and she thought, “I could do that!” After screening her machinima at the Dragon Con Film Festival in 2006, she suggested the Film Festival add the up and coming machinima genre. She was told that was a great idea – if she ran it. Eight years later, Romily is still presenting hours of machinima for fans at Dragon Con. Romily arranges the ‘eye candy’ seen on the jumbo trons at the annual Heroes & Villains ball. Her now ten year old video was gratifyingly popular, inspired other machinimists, like Dopefish of Nogg-A-Holic fame, to create greater work, and, even as recently as 2013, was given a nod by WoW Insider’s Movie Watch as a classic. She has also coordinated machinima presentations for other Cons, is a second year veteran of the Machinima Expo’s screening team, and consults with others working to create and share machinima with the masses.

Romily, a software quality analyst with a talent for breaking things (handy/annoying for video game betas), and sometimes technical writer, has created a handful of machinima videos, and voiced characters for others, such as those by Slashdance, and Coded Transmission Studios, best known for the Chronicles of Humanity series. In her free time, when she’s not already swamped babying some new project, Romily enjoys Fantasy/Sci Fi/Anime media, video and tabletop gaming, LARPing, costuming, studying genetic methylation cycle defects, paleo baking, and time in the ocean or lakes. In gaming, she favors stealth DPS, and is most at home in MMOs on RP servers. She’s pleased that ‘presenting at Dragon Con’ added points to her Geek Test score.

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