Rhonda Oglesby
Posted on July 25th, 2014 by Jhaer

RhondaOglesbyRhonda is co-host, co-producer, marketing manager, and herder of ideas of the Game On Girl podcast. She has always been a geek, but didn’t really know it. After exhausting all math classes in high school, she and her classmates convinced a teacher to develop a curricula for a higher level math class. She received dual degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and promptly went to work for a defense contractor. She did geeky stuff there, but she’d have to kill you to tell you. Her geekdom went into mild hibernation for a few years, but gradually started to surface through computer games and web design. In recent years, Rhonda’s geek flag flies through things like computer and console gaming, boardgames, geocaching, and comic books. She writes software for a living but creates art because her soul demands it.