Peter David
Posted on July 10th, 2014 by Jhaer

PeterDavidPeter David, an Award Winning and New York Best Selling Author with over 80 titles to his name, has worked in every conceivable media: television, film, books (fiction, non-fiction, and audio), short stories, and comic books, and acquired followings in all of them. Peter’s writings include original works, novel series for the Star Trek universe, twelve years on The Incredible Hulk comic books, and even several scripts for the Hugo Award winning TV series Babylon 5, and the sequel series, Crusade. He is also one of the participants in Crazy 8 Press (, a self-publishing venture producing eBooks and trade paperbacks available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

As busy as Peter is writing tales of Science Fiction adventures for his fans to read, his projects don’t stop with ink an paper. He is also the writer for two popular video games: Shadow Complex and Spider-Man: Edge of Time. He has also brought to life the game world of Disney’s Epic Mickey as a graphic novel, and a series of tie-in digital comics entitled Tales of the Wasteland.