Video Game Costume Contest Pre-Registration is OPEN
Posted on July 9th, 2014 by Jhaer

Don’t we already have a costume contest for World of Warcraft? Why yes, yes we do. World of Warcraft remains an insanely popular game… and yet, we are the Video Gaming track, so shouldn’t we have a Video Game Costume Contest? Why yes, yes we should.

And now we do. The 1st (hopefully) Annual Video Game Costume Contest! Are you a Commander Shepard? Do you hail from Skyrim? Do you raid tombs or fight victims of the T virus? Perhaps your princess is in another castle, or you are a brick falling slowly from the sky looking to fit into a space below and eliminate rows for points. 8bit, 16bit, or fully rendered 1080p… if you’ve got the costume, we’ve got the stage.

Pre-Registration is open now, fill out the form to get things started. You’ll still have to come to pre-judging before the contest, but this’ll get some of the nasty paperwork out of the way.