Clint Black
Posted on June 16th, 2014 by Jhaer

CB_headshot_400x400Clint Black, self-proclaimed “Savage Worlds Evil Rules Guru” (We have to admit it does sound better then his official title of Savage Worlds Brand Manager), began his career with Pinnacle Entertainment Group as a freelance writer and has slowly worked his way up in the realm of Savage Worlds from a mere play tester to the person responsible for all projects and development directly related to the core rules of Savage Worlds.

Clint’s work includes several award wining printings of the Core sets, such as Ennie Award for Best RPG in 2012 being giving to Savage Worlds Deluxe, as well as a system of Companion series covering Fantasy, Super Powers, Horror, and Science Fiction. In addition to these rule sets, he also has a hand in the highly popular Setting Books including Deadlands, Weird Wars:Rome, Hell on Earth, Space 1889, and his own setting, Necessary Evil, where supervillians fight alien invaders.

But one of his favorite parts of his job is hanging out and chatting with gamers about gaming, both as a moderator on the Pinnacle forums and in-person. He’s going to fit right in at Dragon Con.