Dave Haddock
Posted on June 13th, 2014 by Jhaer

DaveHaddockPrior to becoming a game writer, Dave Haddock assisted with sound and production of several movies, such as Survive This, Barry Dingle, Bridget, and Pretzel. It was on the set for Outlander that Dave met Chris Roberts who asked him to join the development team for the upcoming space trading and combat simulator, Star Citizen.

Now that the game industry has snagged him, Dave Haddock is the lead writer for Star Citizen at Cloud Imperium Games. Dave is responsible for creating much of Star Citizen’s fictional world and the Time Capsule and Spectrum Dispatch lore updates on the Robert’s Space Industries website. Previously, he worked at Activision as a QA localization tester for Call of Duty: United Offensive, True Crime, and the Doom 3 expansion.