Posted on June 4th, 2014 by Jhaer

KamuiFrom a Diablo III Barbarian to Guild Wars 2 Norn and even an awe-inspiring, Injustice version of Wonder Woman, German Cosplayer Kamui is known for the exquisite details she puts into amazing cosplay creations of from the worlds of the video games she loves.

This talented, self-taught artist continues to amaze those who see her work both in pictures and in person and has been featured in costume at the Japan Expo, MCMExpo, Gamescon, Blizzcon, and our very own DragonCon.

As amazing as her work is, Kamui, aka Svetlana Quindt, is equally well known for her passion for sharing her hard-won knowledge with the costuming community over her 10 year career. She has created numerous step-by step written and video tutorials online, served as a guest speaker in costuming creation panels world-wide, and has recently published a set of books on how to create and paint custom costume armor.