Holidaze and the Steam Sale
Posted on January 3rd, 2014 by Jhaer

SteamThe infamous Steam Holiday Sale is drawing to a close today. By 1 PM Eastern they’ll close the book and the final discount deals will disappear… to be replaced by other deals, because Steam always has sales, there are just more of them during certain times of the year.

I hope you took advantage and grew your backlog of games you’ll probably never get around to playing by at least two-fold. Just kidding! Hopefully you only bought games you’ll actually play.

/em eyes his own backlog, dozens deep.

Shut up.

I managed to get out relatively unscathed, buying only two games: Dark Souls and Tomb Raider. Okay, fine, the Tomb Raider was the collection that includes 10 Tomb Raider games, but that’s a technicality. It’s two games. Two. But for the OCD members of our audience, I give you this picture of how I’ll end the sale, in full knowledge that at least one, and maybe more, of you will have an aneurysm.


That’s right, I end the sale just 2 cents shy of another snow globe card. But I got my level 1 badge already from the cards I earned through voting, and feel no need to earn more levels.

But now, as we stumble from our stupor and return to the realm of regular prices, how did you fare? Did you break the bank? Did you get 10 levels of the Holiday badge? What games will you own but not play this year?