Welcome to Online Gaming
Posted on September 7th, 2013 by Grim

So after a few days catching up on sleep, I thought it a good idea to provide a mini-FAQ on the new Online Gaming Track.

So, who did you guys combine with to form this track?

Nobody.  The same Gang of Idiots that has run DC MMO for 6 years is still running the show in Online Gaming.  We are covering all of the same games, inviting many of the same guests, and throwing you guys the same parties we always have.

So what’s the difference between this and the old MMO Track?

Well, for starters, the types of games that we cover has expanded significantly.  Games like Smite and League of Legends are now firmly in our sphere of influence.  Studios who might say “well, our game isn’t really an MMO…” now have no excuse not to come and join us at Dragon Con each year.  It’s also a hell of a lot easier to explain to casual fans.  “Well, you see, MMORPG stands for…” is not really needed now.  Everyone understands “Online Gaming”.

So what’s the difference between you guys and the Video Gaming Track?

1) I am ridiculously more handsome than Mike (VGT Director… Love ya!)

2) Their focus is on “industry insider” topics.  On their track, you’ll see things like “How to design an MMO” or “Breaking into the Video Game Industry“, on mine, you’ll see things like “World of Warcraft Fan Meetup” and “Watch The Guild”  Back when we got started, we had two track rooms running at one time and tried to cover all of this stuff.  It’s just too big for one track, so now we have two.  The good news is that we get to share guests and provide something for everyone at Dragon Con.  Some of you might prefer their style, some of you might prefer ours.  This way, everyone wins.

At the end of the day, the only real change that has happened is our name.

Does this mean you’re finally going to talk about Farmville?

Yes.  Yes I will.  It’s going to take me a year to build a big enough snark cannon, but I will.