Dragon Con – The End is Near
Posted on September 2nd, 2013 by Grim

DCMMODay4Last day. Capricorn 15’s. Year of the Con – 2013. Carousel begins.

Don’t worry. We all know that Carousel and Renewal, like the cake, is a lie. We’ve been outside the dome and talked to Old Man.

Still, when the Sandman comes, we’re going to run anyway.

You may notice today the sudden onset of a zombie apocalypse. Please don’t kill them. They aren’t real zombies, just other con-goers who have reached their limits of sleeplessness and alcohol consumption and the prospect of leaving today has sapped any remaining strength they had.

If you aren’t one of the zombies, we’ve still got a few things in store, if you should decide to spend a little time with the MMO Track.

11:30 am – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Guild Management 101

What techniques of managing people in the real world translate to virtual worlds? Can you “achieve a win-win paradigm”?

1:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Raid Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun

So you want to pillage, plunder, and loot your little black heart out, but you have to raid with folks who put the “Q” in moron. What do you do?

2:30 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Post MMOrtem – Survivor’s Gathering

What rocked? What didn’t? Let the MMORPG staff know how they did with this year’s track. Bonus: There will be a HUGE announcement during this panel.

You should really attend that last panel. Uncle Grim isn’t kidding when he says the announcement is huge. I mean, it’s not “Getting picked by Obama to be the US Gaming Czar” big, but it is in the neighborhood.