Dragon Con – Day 2
Posted on August 31st, 2013 by Jhaer

DCMMODay2So, you survived the first day and are back for more?

With Day 1 out of the way, hopefully you’ve come to terms with there being simply too much to do and have settled into the comforting arms of doing only what you can.

Certainly, we here at the MMO Track hope that some of our programming makes that list.

If it doesn’t, well, your loss.

Here is what we have planned for Day 2 of Dragon Con

10:00 am – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Saturday Morning Cartoons

Pajamas, Cereal, and Cartoons. Now you can do it as a grown-up. Romily presents the lighter side of Machinima.

11:30 am – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 – Fan Meetup

Share stories, tips, and recipes with other heroes from Tyria. Discuss which Guild Wars is better. The inestimable Shawn Schuster presiding.

1:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – WoW: The Lore Before the War…Craft

Lessons in Lore delivers a comedic irreverent retelling of the story of Warcraft, complete with music and wildly inappropriate visuals.

2:30 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Making Video Games with Artix Entertainment

Discover video game secrets with the creators of AdventureQuest Worlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, AQ3D, Oversoul, and others! Galanoth, Nythera, Cysero, Artix, Alina will be locked in the room with their fans.

4:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – World of Warcraft Costume Contest – Prejudging

If you wish to enter the WoW Costume Contest, you MUST come to prejudging.

5:30 pm – Grand Ballroom East, Hilton – World of Warcraft Costume Contest

Like a dungeon boss respawn, the World of Warcraft Costume Contest is back! Pre-reg is held before the contest and is mandatory in order to enter. The knowledgible Jonathan LeCraft and the inscrutable Cory Hudson Jones presiding.

7:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Star Citizen – Sneak Preview

Roberts Space Industries presents a Massively Multiplayer Online Universe created by Chris Roberts, producer of Wing Commander and Privateer.

8:30 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Machinima – Chronicles of Humanity

This story follows Katherine McDonald, the only survivor of the destruction of a mining colony. Featuring Felicia Day and created by Damien Valentine. While you watch the show, the show’s creator Damien Valentine will be watching YOU.

10:00 pm – Grand Ballroom A-F, Sheraton – Heroes and Villains Ball

Good? Bad? We’re the guys with the fun. DJ Jennocide spins, Costumes get in first (with 1 handler), and 18 years or older is recommended.

Someday, when the sun explodes and engulfs the Earth, burning the remnants of humanity to cinders, on a space ship, far, far away from the birthplace of our species, the people will still trade stories about the things that once happened at Dragon Con. The MMO Track strives to be featured prominently in those stories.