Dragon Con – Day 1
Posted on August 30th, 2013 by Jhaer

DCMMODay1Welcome to Dragon Con!

The first day of Con is always a bit hectic. You’ve waiting all year for this. 361 of no Con and just 4 days of Con. Doesn’t seem fair. And while your mind may be reeling at all the costumes and awesome that your regular life may be missing, don’t forget the immortal words of the esteemed gentleman, Mr. Ferris Bueller of the great state of Illinois and the city of Chicago, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

There is, frankly, more to do at Dragon Con that you can ever do in four days. Every 90 minutes, dozens of panels on dozens of tracks are starting, and there is gawking to do, and the dealers’ rooms, and socializing… you should never feel bad for not doing everything. By the end of Con, you will know someone who will tell you about something awesome you missed. But since that applies to everyone, you will do awesome things that other people will miss.

All that said, here is what the MMO Track has planned for today, and if any of this looks like something you want to be a part of, we will welcome you with open arms. Unless you are the reincarnated soul of Adolf Hitler… you we aren’t touching with a 10 foot pole.

10:00 am – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Snarkito Ergo Sum – All The News That’s Fit to Snark

A review of the year-that-was in the MMORPGS. If you are a betting person, wager that City of Heroes is going to be discussed in gruesome detail.

11:30 am – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Star Wars: The Old Republic – Fan Meetup

Mrs. Jedi and Mr. Sith discuss the Light and Dark sides of Star Wars: The Old Republic and play Huttball with the audience.

1:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – StoryBricks – The Future of Online NPCs

Tired of “dumb NPC’s”? Learn about StoryBricks. This technology will be included in SOE’s upcoming “EQNext”. The honorable Brian Green presiding.

2:30 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Inside the Blizzard Developer’s Studio

Jonathan LeCraft talks about how he got started in Game Development and how he worked on the most successful MMO of all time. The unflappable Chad Tindale presiding.

4:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – A Brief History of Online Gaming

In the beginning, there was NetHack… and Empire, NetTrek, MUDs, and a whole bunch of other games that became the MMOs you know and love today. Messrs. Brian Green and Keith Baker presiding.

5:30 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – EQ to EQNext – A Long Strange Trip

The crew from Sony Online Entertainment discuss where Everquest has been and where it will be going. The lovely Aimee Rekoske, the handsome Tony Jones, the unquestionable Colette Murphy, the unfathomable Ted Stone presiding.

7:00 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Star Wars Combine – Player Meetup

Named 88th best game of all time by PC Gamer and developed entirely by fans. More information can be found at http://www.swcombine.com/

8:30 pm – Grand Ballroom West, Hilton – World of Warcraft – Trivia and Fan Meetup

Spent your days studying Warcraft instead of going to med school? Show your mom that all that knowledge pays off.

8:30 pm – Grand Salon E, Hilton – Watch The Guild – All Nighter

We’re going to show all 6 seasons, even if it takes all night. (Other activities that occur in a dark room late at night are not our responsibility.)

If you manage to survive the first day of Con, we’ve got three more days to try to remedy that.