Dragon Con – Day 0
Posted on August 29th, 2013 by Jhaer

DCMMODay0Officially, Dragon Con runs Friday through Monday on Labor Day weekend every year. This year that happens to be August 30th to September 2nd.

Unofficially, the Thursday before has always been a part of the Con. Primarily for Pre-Registration! Come get your badge early so you don’t have to wait in Friday’s line! Of course, that was a bigger problem before they made the registration line like a ten minute wait. Still… This year, if you check your app, the Con even has stuff planned for today. There are some bands, a couple of mixers and more.

Perhaps Thursday will officially become a part of the Con someday. When it does, look out Wednesday, we’ll be coming for you next!


So, it being Thursday and all, what does the MMO Track have planned for today? First there will be the public caning of the staff members. Ha ha! Just kidding first timers! (Grim… put the gun away man, this isn’t TV. Stop call me Ellis.)

Round abouts 5:30, we’ll begin gathering in the track room (Hilton, Grand Salon E) for a run down of events, making sure we’ve got everything we need, setting up the room… you know, the boring stuff. But afterward, there will be punch and pie. Maybe not exactly punch and pie, but we’ll be having a sort of meet and greet where you can come and pre-apologize to the staff for the spectacle you will make of yourself at Saturday’s party. Bring food, bring drinks, we are like a pack of wild animals: docile when fed.

Assuming TechOps has their shit together (I kid! I kid!) we’ll even be screening the room disc. It’s the looping disc of videos that will play between panels.

This constitutes the kick off of DCMMO’s 2013 Schedule. And then… well, it’s Dragon Con, so, anything can happen.

Yippee-ki-yay, Mr. Falcon.