5 Questions With Jonathan LeCraft
Posted on August 23rd, 2013 by Grim

Jonathan LeCraft is a Senior Game Designer with Blizzard and a very good friend of the DC MMO crew.  In our ongoing attempts to imitate real journalists, we subjected Jonathan to our now-infamous “5 Questions”.

How did you first hear about Dragon Con?

My wife discovered Dragon Con when she was looking for an avenue to announce a game she was working on.  While she didn’t end up announcing that year, she still really wanted to go.  I was skeptical.  It took a couple weeks of persuasion, but I finally agreed and we’ve gone every year since (this will be our 5th).  Now I’m the one trying to talk my friends into going!

What do you look forward to the most at Dragon Con?

I absolutely love walking around the different hotel lobbies, especially the Marriott, complementing costumes and absorbing the pure, unadulterated geek energy. It’s just amazing. I’m also really looking forward to the Heroes and Villains Ball again this year. I had a blast last year: the conga line with Grant Imahara, great music, the cast of The Guild tearing it up on the dance floor, too much to drink, and tons and tons of cool people.

If you could meet any three people, living or otherwise, at Dragon Con, who would they be and why?

Gary Gygax, Al Yankovic, and Douglas Adams.  They’ve all been huge inspirations on my life and personality.  My one costume this year is Arthur Dent, primarily because it’s so comfortable, but also because the books (and movie) are absolute favorites of mine.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Between Ultima Online and World of Warcraft, I think I’ve worked on nine MMO expansions so far, but my proudest would be Burning Crusade for World of Warcraft.  It was the first big project I worked on at Blizzard, and it was overwhelming and incredible and memorable.  It’s also just old enough that people are starting to feel nostalgic about it, so they are sometimes a little less critical.  😉

If money (and time) were no object, what is the one costume you would wear at Dragon Con?

I thought the Robot Dance Party suit from 2012 was downright awesome.  If I could make a version of that suit that could play every possible movie/TV/video game theme on demand for other people’s costumes, I’d have an endless amount of fun.