The Shirt Off Our Backs
Posted on August 13th, 2013 by Jhaer

1167191_10152099029859045_1161627216_oOnce upon a time, we had a shirt. Then we didn’t. Now we have a shirt again!

Available in sizes from Medium to 5XL in the “Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton” style, these Limited Edition Collector’s Item 2013 Dragon Con MMO Track “Snarkito Ergo Sum” shirts can be yours for a mere $25 each!

All proceeds will go toward the cost of the shirts and then into the kitty for future track awesomeness and more shirts! Why, with enough sales, I could have all the shirts. All the shirts, I tell you. ALL THE SHIRTS!


Seriously though, the money will go to starving kids with cancer toward bringing you the same great things we’ve brought you in the past, only at considerably less personal expense. Absolutely none of the money will go toward Grimmy’s Tesla Roadster fund that’s what the secret poker night on Friday of con is for.

To get one, contact us on our contact page, or you can drop a note to Grim directly at Make sure you include:

Your name
How many shirts
What size(s)
How you’d like for us to get the shirt to you. (at con? Mail? In person before the con?)

We will contact you to arrange for payment and such. We ain’t got no fancy online store or nothing, so we do this the old fashioned way (PayPal).

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires use the force, Luke Loading, Please Wait For the Horde! once these babies are gone, they’re gone. So act now!

Disclaimer: While we have an array of sizes, people who wait too long to order will have less of a chance of getting the size they want, and instead will have a size chosen for them and then be forced to either gain or lose weight as necessary in order to match. You’ve seen Se7en, right?