Grim on “50 Days of Dragon Con”
Posted on August 7th, 2013 by Grim

Jon and Leigh just don’t know when to quit.  The intrepid hosts of The Unique Geek allowed me to run my mouth, uncensored, on their podcast for nearly an hour.  No, I don’t know what they were thinking.  I do know that this came up as a topic of discussion.  In fact, it is entirely possible that you’ll hear about this at Dragon Con… every few minutes… all weekend long.  Just look for the guy doing this. (Oh, and thanks to Jonathan LeCraft for making me, Chad, and Megan immortal in World of Warcraft. )





(Except, you know… taller, balder, and with a goatee.)

In all seriousness, thanks so much to the gang at Unique Geek (and Kim!!!) for letting me talk games and stuff with them.  Of all of the things I do each year in preparation for the convention, this is the one I enjoy most because I know that it’s getting close to my favorite weekend of the year.