Heroes and Villains Ball
Posted on August 5th, 2013 by Jhaer

Are you looking for something to do on Saturday night at Con?

Well… come one, come all, to the Heroes and Villains Ball! In the Sheraton Grand Ballroom! 10 PM Saturday, August 31st!


Back by popular demand, the BritTrack and the MMO Track join forces once again to bring you the best damn party around. Come and dance to the dulcet digital tunes spun by DJ Jennocide! We will rock the room until the sun comes up… or until around 2 AM when the hotel will lovingly, gently but with great authority allow us to bid everyone a safe evening as we throw them out on the street.

The ball is open to all, but as a “night-time” event, all sidekicks and henchpersons under the age of 18 are recommended to attend with a chaperon.

New to the party this year will be the Costume Red Carpet! What is that? Why, if you come to the party in costume, you can skip the regular line and get to parade down our special VIP line, showing off your look before getting to slip in under the velvet rope!

And don’t worry about your lame significant other who doesn’t want to dress up, each costumed person will get to share their awesomeness with up to one other uncostumed patron. I mean, it wouldn’t be a Heroes and Villains Ball if the Heroes and Villains didn’t have some civilians to fight over.

So… 10 PM, Sheraton Grand Ballroom, Saturday the 31st. See you there!

Disclaimer: While we plan to allow costumed people to skip the main line and get to the door sooner, we are still bound by the Fire Marshal’s code and the Sheraton Hotel’s regulations, so when the party is full, it’s full until people leave, and if everyone shows up in costume, the new all costumed line will be prettier but not functionally different from a normal line.

Second Disclaimer: We reserve the right to determine that your tuxedo t-shirt is not a costume, but just clothing. If you put forth no effort to dress up, we will put forth no effort to care.