Darkmoon Faire – Coming Soon to a Dragon Con Near You
Posted on August 2nd, 2013 by Grim

The Darkmoon Faire Returns!

Two years ago, Silas Darkmoon transported his Darkmoon Faire from Azeroth to Atlanta, and shared his fun and crazy carnival with Dragon Con. Not long after, the Faire ceased its monthly traveling across Azeroth, and instead set up on their own island. Since that time, they have been growing and filling up their island with all new games and quests. Many were sad that the Darkmoon Faire did not return to Dragon Con last year, but there was not muich that Grim could do. A few weeks ago, Grim received a letter and everything changed:

Dear Mr. Grimthorn,

Business is booming on my Darkmoon Isle, and we’ve settled in quite nicely, but the crew has gotten a little restless. With the urge of wandering feet rising in all of us, we’d like to come back to Atlanta for one night this year, and we’ve got some old favorites we’d like to bring:

Players will again have the chance to take out Hogger and Gammon with our spellcaster game, Recount!

Those who enjoyed kicking back and fishing for pearls (and sometimes catching Murlocs), will be pleased to see that we’re bringing the old watering hole with us.

We also have all-new games:

Battle Tonks! Ever a favorite in Azeroth, we’ve finally managed to rig up one to work in your city–compete to knock down your enemy tonk’s towers!

We had to modify the way it works as we can’t seem to acquire the necessary permits to operate our cannon in your oversized inn, but we’ll have a version of our Darkmoon Cannon Launch!

We’re also bringing some of the newest games we’ve introduced on Darkmoon Isle: Whack-a-Gnoll and our Turtle Ring Toss (unfortunately the only turtle we could book is a Mock Turtle, so beware, she’s got quite a mouth on her)!

Battle Pets are all the rage here, though there are some animal restrictions where you are, so we’ll work around that…maybe we’ll bring some sort of cylindrical representation of the pets and you can hurl things at them.

You may have heard, craftsmen are spending more time at our Faire, so we’re sending over some building materials for your budding Engineers, and supplies for your visitors to Inscribe their name and socket their nameplates with Jewels.

Darkmoon Isle is now one of the tour stops for the Level 90 Epic Tauren Chieftains! Unfortunately, they’re already booked that night, but we found these Lessons in Lore folks who have agreed to do a Sing-a-Long of some sort–you might want to speak with our vendors about some Darkmoon P.I.E. for that one—in fact, I’ll just send one of our Darkmoon Faire Beverage Vendors over.

We’ve also acquired a dance instructor who will test your visitors on their ability to perform the famous cultural dances of Azeroth, and the lady of Lessons in Lore will challenge their knowledge of our world in a Warcraft Challenge Arena!

If that’s not enough, we have a bunch of Quests that just haven’t been completed yet. If anyone manages to complete them all, I think I have a [Tabard of the Loremaster] we could give them. All things considered, I feel we can provide quite a bit of entertainment for you, and satisfy our wanderlust.

Delightfully Yours,

Silas Darkmoon

Needless to say, Grim’s response was swift and brief:


Fantastic. Be at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel, in the Grand Ballroom East, Sunday Sept. 1st. Faire opens at 8:30pm and closes up at 11pm.



So if you were sad when the Faire departed, and did not return last year, don’t be broken-hearted. Keep an eye on the schedule, as it’s subject to change, and join us this Dragon Con for more fun and games!