WoW Trivia and Fan Meetup
Posted on July 31st, 2013 by Grim
What’s Your Luckydo? You’re Going to Need It…
So many WoW players are all excited about the new zone coming out in Patch 5.4, The Timeless Isle.  The only daily quest located there will be “A Timeless Question”, in which an NPC named Senior Historian Evelyna (named after Evelyn Fredericksen, Sr. Historian for Blizzard), challenges you to answer a trivia question about Azeroth’s history.  Some are easy, some are insanely hard, but this is merely a warm-up to what we have to offer at Dragon Con 2013.

Gather your best and brightest raid group, or make a PUG, and enter the challenge that is…

WORLD OF WARCRAFT TRIVIA (and Meet and Greet)!!!

Megan and Chad of Lessons in Lore are back with all-new questions to stretch your knowledge to the limits!  Share your skills, experience, and lore-addictions with a new bunch of players as you all compete for a chance at immortality!  (Yeah, it’s the Bling Gnome, but don’t worry, we have a material prize, too)

Questions can span anywhere from Lore, to game mechanics, to quest lines, to raids, and more!

Trivia begins at 8:30pm on Friday and runs for 4 hours.  There will be a bar present for you to acquire your beverage buff (or debuff as the case may be).

Study all you can because…YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!