The 2013 DC MMO Schedule is HERE!
Posted on July 24th, 2013 by Grim

READ THIS FIRST!  Schedules can and often do change at the last minute.  This is what we have as of today.  It could change.  If it does change and you whine about it, we will point and laugh at you.  The official schedule will be published by Dragon Con and updated via the mobile application (any day now…) and the Daily Dragon.  You’ve Been Told.

So I’m sure you would rather read a couple hundred words of snarky commentary before scrolling down to the actual schedule, right?  You know what?  I’m going to do this just to be a jerk…


Snarkito Ergo Sum – All The News That’s Fit to Snark
A review of the year-that-was in the MMORPGS. If you are a betting person, wager that City of Heroes is going to be discussed in gruesome detail.

Fri 10:00 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Fan Meetup
Mrs. Jedi and Mr. Sith discuss the Light and Dark sides of Star Wars: The Old Republic and play Huttball with the audience.

Fri 11:30 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

StoryBricks – The Future of Online NPCs
Tired of “dumb NPC’s”? Learn about StoryBricks. This technology will be included in SOE’s upcoming “EQNext”

Brian Green

Fri 1:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Inside the Blizzard Developer’s Studio
Jonathan LeCraft talks about how he got started in Game Development and how he worked on the most successful MMO of all time.

Jonathan LeCraft, Chad Tindale

Fri 2:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

A Brief History of Online Gaming
In the beginning, there was NetHack… and Empire, NetTrek, MUDs, and a whole bunch of other games that became the MMOs you know and love today.

Brian Green, Keith Baker

Fri 4:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

EQ to EQNext – A Long Strange Trip
The crew from Sony Online Entertainment discuss where Everquest has been and where it will be going.

Aimee Rekoske, Tony Jones, Colette Murphy, Ted Stone;

Fri 5:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Star Wars Combine – Player Meetup
Named 88th best game of all time by PC Gamer and developed entirely by fans. More information can be found at

Fri 7:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

World of Warcraft – Trivia and Fan Meetup
Spent your days studying Warcraft instead of going to med school? Show your mom that all that knowledge pays off.

Fri 8:30 pm; Grand Ballroom West [Hil];  4 Hour(s)

Watch The Guild – All Nighter
We’re going to show all 6 seasons, even if it takes all night. (Other activities that occur in a dark room late at night are not our responsibility.)

Fri 8:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil];  8.5 Hour(s)


Saturday Morning Cartoons
Pajamas, Cereal, and Cartoons. Now you can do it as a grown-up. Romily presents the lighter side of Machinima. .


Sat 10:00 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 – Fan Meetup
Share stories, tips, and recipes with other heroes from Tyria. Discuss which Guild Wars is better.

Shawn Schuster

Sat 11:30 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

WoW: The Lore Before the War…Craft
Lessons in Lore delivers a comedic irreverent retelling of the story of Warcraft, complete with music and wildly inappropriate visuals.

Sat 1:00 pm;

Grand Salon E [Hil]

Making Video Games with Artix Entertainment
Discover video game secrets with the creators of AdventureQuest Worlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, AQ3D, Oversoul, and others! .

Galanoth, Nythera, Cysero, Artix, Alina

Sat 2:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

World of Warcraft Costume Contest – Prejudging
If you wish to enter the WoW Costume Contest, you MUST come to prejudging.

Sat 4:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

World of Warcraft Costume Contest
Like a dungeon boss respawn, the World of Warcraft Costume Contest is back! Pre-reg is held before the contest and is mandatory in order to enter.

Jonathan LeCraft, Cory Hudson Jones

Sat 5:30 pm; Grand Ballroom East [Hil];  2.5 Hour(s)

Star Citizen – Sneak Preview
Roberts Space Industries presents a Massively Multiplayer Online Universe created by Chris Roberts, producer of Wing Commander and Privateer.

Sat 7:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Machinima – Chronicles of Humanity
This story follows Katherine McDonald, the only survivor of the destruction of a mining colony. Featuring Felicia Day and created by Damien Valentine.

Romily, Damien Valentine

Sat 8:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Heroes and Villains Ball
Good? Bad? We’re the guys with the fun. DJ Jennocide spins, Costumes get in first (with 1 handler), and 18 years or older is recommended.

Sat 10:00 pm; Grand Ballroom A-F [S];  4 Hour(s)


Kid Friendly MMOs
Unlock the “Awesome Parent” achievement by finding the perfect game for your young ones. Includes survival tips for more mature games as well. .

Nythera, Artix,  Aimee Rekoske, Colette Murphy

Sun 10:00 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Guild Events – Going Beyond Raiding
Learn and share about creating community within your guild through fun and engaging events regardless of which game your guild might be playing.

Sun 11:30 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Economics of Free-to-Play Gaming
How free is free to play? We look at various models, pick apart the good and bad, and discuss the virtues of free gaming.

John Foster, Colette Murphy, Ted Stone

Sun 1:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Dragon’s Prophet
If you were the type of gamer who fretted that your MMOs don’t have enough dragons, fret no more. SOE presents Dragon’s Prophet.

Ted Stone, Tony Jones

Sun 2:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Probably the best use of a projector and screen since the invention of shadow puppets. Including a special feature length machinima, Clear Skies 3.

Romily, Damien Valentine

Sun 4:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil];  4 Hour(s)

World of Warcraft – Darkmoon Faire
Azeroth’s famous spectacle of fun makes an appearance. Due to liability, player-firing cannons will not be part of the festivities.

Sun 8:30 pm; Grand Ballroom East [Hil];  2.5 Hour(s)

MMO Trivia
The 6th installment of the “Quest For The Bling Gnone” takes place courtesy of our friends at Battle & Brew.

Sun 8:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil];  2.5 Hour(s)


Guild Management 101
What techniques of managing people in the real world translate to virtual worlds? Can you “achieve a win-win paradigm”?

Mon 11:30 am; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Raid Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun
So you want to pillage, plunder, and loot your little black heart out, but you have to raid with folks who put the “Q” in moron. What do you do?

Mon 1:00 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

Post MMOrtem – Survivor’s Gathering
What rocked? What didn’t? Let the MMORPG staff know how they did with this year’s track. Bonus: There will be a HUGE announcement during this panel.

Mon 2:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]