It’s not a SnarkCast…
Posted on July 10th, 2013 by Grim

but it ain’t bad.

The fine folks at MOG Nation invited me to participate on The Siege, their Guild Wars 2 podcast.  “But Grimmy!  You don’t even play Guild Wars 2!”, you may be asking yourself.  Quite right.  But that never stopped me from running my mouth every chance I get.  I had a blast with the gang over there and I would invite you to check out to see what those guys are all about.  We’re really looking forward to having them at Dragon*Con this year.

We talk gaming, we talk Dragon*Con, but most of all we talk about all of the cool stuff that MOG Nation is going to do when they come down to Dragon*Con this year.   Be sure and visit their booth in the exhibitor’s hall this year and watch as they broadcast live all weekend long. (You know, when they’re not partying themselves silly with us over at the MMO track…)