Earth Day, the MMO Way
Posted on April 22nd, 2013 by Jhaer


It is time once again to shine a light on the efforts to not make this world a crappier place. And while pundits come to fisticuffs over the validity of Global Warming, the rest of us can do simple things like cutting down on the amount of trash we generate, reusing items we have instead of buying new stuff and throwing out the old, and recycling items – either literally recycling them or just putting them up on craigslist of freecycle to rotate them back into the world rather than rot in a landfill.

But we are the MMO track, and we couldn’t let this day go by without talking about how you can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in game!


It’s time to finally admit to yourself that all of those quest items filling up your bank and inventory are for quests that you will likely never complete. So, delete them.

And while you are at it, you might as well either use all of those stacks of materials to craft items to sell in the auction house, or at least sell the raw materials.


Some of you out there are already doing this well, but some of you aren’t alt-oholics. Maybe it’s time you considered twinking a new character. Surely you have some gear you want to drop on a low level character to make them completely overpowered and then blow through the starter zones like a hot knife through butter…


And when in doubt, hand all your items over to a friendly enchanter or other crafter and strip them down to their component parts for use in making new things.

Overall, live in an MMO the Native American way: no waste. When you kill something, be sure to loot it fully, then skin it and carve it up for meat, make the hides into armor and the meat into food.

When speaking to the more blood thirsty members of the staff, we were advised to:

Reduce your enemies hit points to zero, and their bodies into bloody stains.
Reuse their corpses to create undead minions, and set up macros so as not to waste keystrokes.
Recycle the loot as gear for yourself, your friends, your alts, and to sell back into the market place.

And one, just one, more health minded staffer suggested people might Reduce their time in front of the game screen and enjoy the world outside, Reuse their cup and drink plenty of water instead of sodas and other sugary drinks, and to Recycle all the empty bottles and cans surrounding your desk after late night raids.

They were summarily executed. In game, of course.

All this talk of the three Rs of Earth Day makes me want to venture down to Booty Bay and hang out with pirates. Arrrr!

Happy Earth Day everyone!