MMO Jail?
Posted on April 15th, 2013 by Jhaer

monopoly6While the developers for The War Z have a troubled and shady past… I mean, they took another game they had and quickly skinned it to capitalize on the popularity of the DayZ mod and upcoming stand-alone game. Then they had the issue of the game being broken, pulled from Steam, refund issues, hacked, the list goes on… even the baddest of eggs can bring new ideas to the table that might be worth discussing.

So, this brings us to them asking of their community if people caught cheating should be banned, or if they should be confined to a “cheaters only” jail server.

On one hand, cheaters should be banned. Most of us will agree with that, in the context of every other online game. Largely we (the non-cheaters) all feel this way because the primary pastime of cheaters in games with PvP is to make the lives of non-cheaters a living hell. In the classic PvP dynamic of Wolves vs Sheep, the wolves tend to prey on the sheep and they get bored when they only have other wolves to fight. Cheaters are like bionic wolves, and despite being capable of taking on the regular wolves they still, overwhelmingly, go after the sheep. In the normal wolf/sheep dynamic, the sheep can usually band together, employ some wolf tactics and get a little justice. When it comes to the cheating bionic wolves, however, the sheep have no recourse. We should hit them all with the ban-hammer hard.

Still… one thing about cheaters, though, is that unlike your regular wolves, as seen on PvP shooters all over, the cheaters will keep fighting each other even when all the sheep are gone. What the dev team of The War Z is proposing is that instead of banning, they want to move the cheaters to a cheater server, which will be the only server their cheating flagged accounts can play on, allowing them to either serve time being cheated upon playing clean to earn the right to go home, or to cheat to their heart’s content in a monitored environment where the developers can test out new and improved anti-cheat code before unleashing it on the rest of the game. A sort of Cheat-Beta if you will.

My ire for cheaters makes me want to just ban them, but the developer in me sees the merits of the jail server. If you’d like your voice to be heard on the subject, you can take the survey.

What do you think? Jail the cheaters or execute them?