City on the Edge of Forever
Posted on April 11th, 2013 by Jhaer
If only there were a portal like this...

If only there were a portal like this…

Despite the title, this isn’t about Star Trek, but instead it is about City of Heroes – and the City of Heroes that will never be. Gamasutra has an article up that looks at the shutdown with an inside look from former lead designer Matt Miller.

New information of the fall of Paragon City always comes as bittersweet. As someone who loves MMOs and the studios that make them, getting a peek behind the curtain is always a welcome thing. But hearing that they were very close at saving the game, that it came down to just one or two sticking points that neither side would budge on. My guess is that one of the new IPs that Paragon was working on was something NCsoft didn’t want to include in the sale package, but Paragon wanted or needed the IP to be able to secure their own future.

The really painful part is to read about all the plans they had for the City of Heroes, and to know we’ll never get to play it.