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Posted on March 4th, 2013 by Jhaer

I’ll admit, I don’t play WoW anymore. There are reasons, but I won’t go into them. However, I do really miss playing around in the Battlegrounds. Alterac Valley was always a blast, and long.

Track fan Gigi sent us this screenshot of her mage Syllee playing in AV on the US Mug’Thol server.

Big ba da boom

Click to embiggen and see it in all of its glory.

That is a lot of UI, and it’s not even the worst I’ve ever seen. I mean, she can still actually see the game being played! It actually makes me feel less bad about those early days of EverQuest…

Click to embiggen, although it doesn't get as big as the other.

Click to embiggen and see it in all of its shame.

Well… not really.

As always, keep those screenshots coming in. I want to post galleries and not just single shots. Send them to

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