Posted on March 1st, 2013 by Jhaer

ArtemisAre you familiar with the JoCo Cruise Crazy? Basically, it is a cruise and the on-ship entertainment is provided by Jonathan Coulton and friends. They’ve done this three times. In their most recent voyage, they set up a stage with tables and laptops and put on a Celebrity Artemis game.

Artemis is the Spaceship Bridge Simulator. You network locally a few computers together and then each player takes on a position on the ship: Captain, Helm, Weapons, Engineering, Communications, Science. Well, the Captain doesn’t really get a machine, his is the Main Screen – he mostly just yells orders at the rest of the crew.

Anyway, this Celebrity Artemis run was filmed.

I’ve always wanted to set up an Artemis at Dragon*Con. What do you think? Worth the time and effort? Would you play? Would you just want to watch?