Screenshots: It’s all who you know…
Posted on February 18th, 2013 by Jhaer

Some people are famous. Some people are infamous. Grimthorn Redbeard is probably neither, but perhaps exists somewhere on that spectrum. And while you might not be able to run into the real thing in EverQuest these days, there exists a couple of echoes of Grimmy that never leave.

First, in Thurgadin, that frozen dwarf town that originally was useless every time someone did the ring war because all the NPCs “died” until SOE made it so you could use the vendors anyway even in their “dead” form, you might just stumble into…


Then, if you allow yourself to get beamed up to the moon (personally, I like to pretend that the Luclin expansion doesn’t exist), in Shadow Haven you’ll find…


Now, a case could be made that these have nothing to do with our Mr. Redbeard and are the result of coincidence. But around here we are hardcore conspiracy theorists, subscribers to The Lone Gunmen’s newsletter, and choose to believe that someone down at Sony had a crush on a certain surly hirsute dwarf.

Have you ever run into “yourself” in a game? Send us the pictures to prove it!

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