Vendetta Kickstarting and Steam
Posted on February 5th, 2013 by Jhaer

VendettaIs the thing that keeps you from playing EVE the lack of first person flight control? If so, you might want to check out Vendetta Online which turned 8 years old back in November. The first thing that surprised me about this game is that I didn’t know anything about it, hadn’t even heard of it. The second thing was the number of platforms you can play it on… Windows, MacOS, Linux and even Android.

Which brings us to their kickstarter. They are seeking cash to fund getting the game on iOS, iPad first and then iPhone. Now, obviously, having only just heard of the game, I haven’t played it on Android, but the idea of MMOs that aren’t Facebook-style farming sims on tablets and mobile platforms intrigues me greatly. (If there are other Android/iOS MMOs out there, feel free to mention them in the comments.) And the videos of it being played there actually look good. You can see a little of it in the trailer below around 1:47, but if you search YouTube for “vendetta online android” you’ll find a number of reviews.

But hey, MMOs are still largely a PC thing, which is why Vendetta is trying to get on Steam. Part of that is wanting to implement the social elements and achievements of the Steam platform. And who doesn’t like achievements? If you want to help them out, hit up their Greenlight page and vote for them.

As a non-iOS user, I personally don’t care about the Kickstarter, though some of the stretch goals sound nifty- but I expect they’ll get to them “eventually” regardless. But increased visibility is always good, so I hope they get enough support to get on Steam. Either way, I’m glad this news brought the game to my intention. My weekend is now spoken for.