Same Ship, Different Dock
Posted on January 31st, 2013 by Jhaer

potbsTonight at 10:30pm Pacific time, the servers for Pirates of the Burning Sea will sink. But don’t keel-haul yourself yet if you never got a chance to play this sea faring tactical game, the game isn’t completely sunk. A bunch of the guys from Flying Lab Software who have been running the game have broken away from the fleet to form¬†Portalus Games and after a treaty was signed are taking the Burning Seas with them from SOE.

The details were battened down a while ago, back in December was the official announcement of the move. But today is the day it will actually happen. There is no official ETA on when the servers will come back up, but I’m certain it will be as fast as they can get it done.

The game is going to remain free to play, so you still have the opportunity to try your hand at captaining a sea going vessel. Personally, I played back in the beta and just a little after launch and while I loved the ship combat, I found the ground stuff to be lackluster. I might be willing to give it another go though, since it is free and all.

I will say, I’ve always been amazed that Pirates of the Burning Sea wasn’t a bigger success. Given all the pirate craze, especially among Dragon*Con goers where pirates always seemed extra popular.