Vanguard: Free to Play Revisited
Posted on January 19th, 2013 by Jhaer

VanguardThe long road of Vanguard continues. First there was the lackluster launch. Then there were the mass firings. Followed by the continuing non-performance and the cutting of planned expansions and features. And server merges. The game looked like it was spiraling to shut down. Then suddenly in 2011 Sony revived the game, put a dev team on it and started releasing new content. In August of 2012 the game went Free to Play.

Now, in 2013, Sony is revamping the Free to Play option. The best thing is the lifting of class and race restrictions. Now you can play any combination without paying, and behind the pay wall is mainly faster advancement, discounts on store items, fees and a second house.

Will this make you give Vanguard a second or a third look?