Ask Uncle Grimmy
Posted on November 20th, 2012 by Grim

So I’ve been hired to write a column on MMO Gaming once again.  The site is still in alpha testing, but so far it has been a lot of fun getting back on the soapbox.  After talking it over with my editor, we’ve decided to bring back my old “advice column” in a slightly new format. (More snark, less political correctness, what could go wrong?)

So I’m soliciting questions for my initial column.  If you want your 15 minutes of Internet fame, or even if you just want to see your name in print, leave me a question, either in the comments here, or you can email them to me if you’d rather remain anonymous. (See “Contact Us” at the top of this page)

Yes, I’ll be posting links here to my new column when the site goes live.