Save City of Heroes!
Posted on September 27th, 2012 by Grim

Occupy COH is still going strong, with up to 33 instances of Atlas Park still up and running 3 weeks after the initial protest. Players are keeping a torchlight vigil on the steps of City Hall and it appears that folks from the now-shuttered Paragon Studios are talking with NCSoft and investors to try and keep the game alive.  It is still looking pretty grim for our heroes, but kudos to the fans and community of City of Heroes for fighting the good fight.

For the latest information on the fight to save CoH, I recommend checking out the CoHTitan forums.

To sign the “Save City of Heroes” petition

You will NOT want to miss the Morning Snark panel, or our next podcast, if or when NCSoft shuts down this game.   No filters, no restraint.  While I still have 2 weeks to go in my self-imposed Dragon*Con moratorium, I beg your indulgence.  This is too important to let it go unmarked. (and technically, it’s not about the con, it’s about an MMO, so it’s still fair game)