City of Heroes not going down without a fight.
Posted on September 8th, 2012 by Grim

For those of you who don’t follow gaming news, NCSoft, killers of popular MMO’s worldwide, announced last Friday that they were shutting down Paragon Studios immediately and that their game, City of Heroes, would be shut down as of November 30.  That’s a hell of an announcement coming less than 24 hours before our own City of Heroes fan meetup at Dragon*Con this year.

The fans of City of Heroes aren’t going down without a fight though.  Between online petitions with 15,000+ signatures and massive quantities of nerd rage spilled onto every available forum, City of Heroes fans, past and present, are making their voices heard.

In fact, today, they are staging an in-game protest in Atlas Park on the Virtue server.  With a zone capacity of 100 players, (new instances of the zone are spawned to keep up with demand) there are 31 separate Atlas Park zones on the Virtue server alone.  Due to the load, several hundred protesters are now on the Freedom server where they have spawned an additional 10 instances. For those of you keeping score, that’s nearly 4000 players protesting online to keep the game active.

If you’re considering a purchase of Guild Wars 2 anytime soon, a cautionary note.  NCSoft has not been shy about pulling the plug on their games on short notice.   How confident would you be that your favorite game world would survive for long in their hands?    I was planning on picking up GW2 myself after Dragon*Con this year, but I think I’m going to wait a while.  I  don’t feel like rewarding NCSoft’s bad behavior. (Sorry ArenaNet, I’m sure you guys are perfectly nice, and I’d love to have you at Dragon*Con next year, but I hope you understand.)