The Google+ Advantage
Posted on August 29th, 2012 by Jhaer

Are you on Google+? Have you added us to your circles yet? Go here, do it now!

Good. Yesterday we posted our entire schedule here, along with links to the events posted on Google+ in order to do one thing: Party Mode.

If you have a smartphone and the Google+ App (and the app is set up to sync with Google+), you can attend an event on there using the live Party Mode feature. What this does is check you in to the event, letting on know you are there, and then it automatically uploads any photos you take with your phone for the duration of the event directly to the event and makes an awesome slideshow out of all the photos everyone took in chronological order.

One of the hardest things to do after con is to gather up all the photos and make them available to you all. We are still slowly working our way through previous years and should have them up by, maybe, Christmas. 🙂 But if we can get a bunch of people to use Party Mode, it puts the photos in our hands all sorted by event and everything. Sometimes the hardest part of putting together the photos is remembering where and when the heck they were taken!

We hope a bunch of you out there will participate in this little experiment, use the Party Mode of the events on Google+ and help us get great photos fast.