D*C 2012 – Full Schedule
Posted on August 28th, 2012 by Jhaer

Of course we know that everyone has the Dragon*Con App on their phone. If you don’t, why not? It’s packed with information and easy to use. And still… what follows is a complete run down of the MMO Track’s schedule at con, including links to events on our Facebook and Google+ pages (which you should totally be following).

Thursday – Just because con doesn’t officially start until Friday doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anyway.

6:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EDinner & Games with the MMO Staff – Want to hang with us? It’ll be real. It’ll be fun. And it might even be real fun. But bring your wallet because we are going out to dinner and our destination will require a little trip on MARTA.

Friday – We don’t waste time and hit the ground running.

10:00 amHilton: Grand Salon EDiablo 3 Q&A – If it has a login screen like an MMO, and an auction house like an MMO, and forum whining like an MMO, then it is an MMO, isn’t it? Guests: Jonathan LeCraft, Panelists: Andrew Patton,  James (AcuZod) Jefferies – FacebookGoogle+

11:30 amHilton: Grand Salon ECCP Games – Meet & Greet – A discussion of CCP games including EVE Online, Dust 514, and (in development) World of Darkness. Guests: Bill Bridges, Panelist: Ned Coker, CCP Community Relations Team – FacebookGoogle+

1:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon EKingdom of Loathing – Meet & Greet – An adventurer is you! Join the developers as they discuss their experience taking a home-grown satirical browser-based MMO from hobby to profession. Guests: Zack Johnson, Josh Nite, Kevin Simmons – FacebookGoogle+

2:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EMMO Podcast Review – Strixus and friends uncover some of the better sources for information in MMO gaming. Panelist: Ness Creighton – FacebookGoogle+

4:00 pmSheraton: Grand Ballroom A-FThe Guild – Q&A – The Knights of Good engage in a round table (rimshot) discussion of what exactly goes on behind the scenes of the web’s most popular series. Guests: Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Felicia Day, Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, Vincent Caso – FacebookGoogle+

5:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EWoW Costume Contest Pre-Judging – If you want to compete in the costume contest, you need to come to Pre-Judging and sign up. Cutoff time for the contest is 6:15. – FacebookGoogle+

7:00 pmHilton: Crystal BallroomWorld of Warcraft – Costume Contest – Are you Azeroth’s Next Top Model? Enjoy the finest fashions from the trendiest boutiques on Azeroth. Guests: Jonathan LeCraft – FacebookGoogle+

8:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon ESony Online Entertainment – Meet & Greet – The gang who brought you Everquest, Planetside, and DCUO (and Free Realms, and…) are bringing us “Fan Faire, Dragon*Con Edition” once again. Guests: Tony “RadarX” Jones, Tiffany Spence, Eric Cleaver, Aimee Rekoske – FacebookGoogle+

11:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EWatch The Guild – Marathon – We’ll be showing all 5 seasons of The Guild with a few surprise extras thrown in the mix. – FacebookGoogle+

Saturday – We start with cartoons and end with booze, just like life!

10:00 amHilton: Grand Salon ESaturday Morning Cartoons – MMO Style – Enjoy a taste of childhood mixed with the taste of the games that you love as a “grown up”. BYOC (Bring Your Own Cereal) Panelist: Romily – FacebookGoogle+

11:30 amHilton: Grand Salon EWorld of Warcraft – Achievement Hunting Safari Adventure – Where do you find those ultra-rare spawns? Are there any tools out there that will make your hunt easier? We have answers. Panelist: Andrew Patton – FacebookGoogle+

1:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon EMultiboxing 101 – An Army of One is not just a military recruiting slogan. We don’t have uniforms or artillery, but we can provide a special kind of basic training. Panelist: Max Schilling – FacebookGoogle+

2:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EStar Wars: The Old Republic – Meet & Greet – *finger wiggle* This is the MMO you are looking for. We promise to keep the jokes about “Deep Sith” to a minimum. – FacebookGoogle+

4:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon ECity of Heroes – Meet & Greet – No cape? No problem! We blend heroes and villains together into a delicious social frappe. Panelist: Mark Brinkman – FacebookGoogle+

5:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EMaking Video Games with Artix Entertainment – Discover video game secrets with the creators of AdventureQuest Worlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, AQ3D, Oversoul, and others! Guests: Artix Krieger, Galanoth, Titan, Nythera, Cysero – FacebookGoogle+

7:00 pmSheraton: Grand Ballroom A-FThe Guild – Q&A – It’s the men’s turn. The manly men of the Knights of Good discuss manly things. Please keep the grunting and scratching to a minimum. Guests: Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Vincent Caso – FacebookGoogle+

8:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EExtreme Guild Management – It’s bad enough managing a guild with a few dozen members and 1 or 2 raid teams. How about a guild with hundreds of members and dozens of raid teams? Panelist: James (AcuZod) Jefferies, Andrew Patton – FacebookGoogle+

10:00 pmSheraton: Grand Ballroom A-FHeroes and Villains Ball – Brit Track’s “Villain’s Ball” + DC*MMO’s “Gathering of Heroes” = “Good, bad, we’re the ones with the party.” (Sponsored by SOE and Guild Launch.) Music by DJ Jennocide – Facebook(us)/Facebook(joint with Brit Track) – Google+

Sunday – We’ve got lore, The Guild, trivia, awards, trivia, and machinima. I did not repeat myself.

10:00 amHilton: Grand Salon EWorld of Warcraft – Lore – With music, visuals, and the usual making fun of the twisted and overly complex stories, Chad and Megan retell the worlds most convoluted storyline. Panelists: Megan Tindale, Chad Tindale – FacebookGoogle+

1:00 pmSheraton: Grand Ballroom A-FBeyond The Guild – The Knights of Good discuss life outside of The Guild, featuring The Jeff Lewis Five Minute Comedy Hour, The Legend of Neil,Save the Supers and more. Guests: Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, Vincent Caso – FacebookGoogle+

2:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon EThe 5th Annual Quest for the Bling Gnome – MMO Trivia Contest – The lads from Battle & Brew have returned to challenge your wits and wisdom in the quest for the Geek’s Stanley Cup. – FacebookGoogle+

5:30 pmSheraton: Capitol BallroomGuild Launch Presents – The Dragon Slayer Awards – The Dragon*Slayer awards honor the best (and worst) of Community Relations in MMO Gaming. Sponsored by Guild Launch (http://www.guildlaunch.com) – FacebookGoogle+

7:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon EWorld of Warcraft – Trivia and Meet & Greet – So you think you know more about the World of Warcraft than everyone else? Prove it. Everyone plays. Only the best come away with the loot. Guests: Jonathan LeCraft – FacebookGoogle+

10:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon EMachinima – Romily is back. Presenting the state of the art in the world of Machinima. Panelist: Romily – FacebookGoogle+

Monday – Last, but most certainly not least.

10:00 amSheraton: Grand Ballroom A-FGeek & Sundry including The Guild – Meet some of the minds behind Geek & Sundry including The Guild and Sword & Laser! Guests: Tom Merritt, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Felicia Day, Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, Vincent Caso – FacebookGoogle+

11:30 amHilton: Grand Salon EWorld of Warcraft – How to Win at PVP – Hire a 15 year old? Hack your opponent’s computer? Or learn from our experts who have been there and done that. Panelist: Andrew Patton – FacebookGoogle+

1:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon EMarvel Heroes Online – Gazillion Entertainment presents the latest entry into the Online Superhero Battle Royale. Guests: Stephen Reid – FacebookGoogle+

2:30 pmHilton: Grand Salon ECommunity Relations – Dealing with Gamers for Fun and Profit – Every time someone posts an rant on a game’s forums… Every time someone writes a comment on a gaming news site… These guys have to deal with it. Guests: Eric Cleaver, Stephen Reid – FacebookGoogle+

4:00 pmHilton: Grand Salon EPost MMOrtem – Survivor’s Gathering – We wrap up the year and discuss what went right, what went wrong, and how we can do more of the former and less of the latter. – FacebookGoogle+

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. As usual, nothing is final until it is finished, so keep up with any changes while you’re at the con with the Daily Dragon.