D*C 2012 – Where To Find Us
Posted on August 27th, 2012 by Jhaer

Do you like maps? I’ve got maps! As you may or may not know, the MMO Track has moved this year. While we will still make use of the Sheraton for it’s ballrooms, the main panel room will be in the Hilton.

Street Map for Dragon*Con

One Con, Five Hotels

First, if you aren’t totally familiar with the setup for the convention, Dragon*Con is in 5 host hotels, which you can see in the map to the right. The Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton are connected by elevated walkways that will keep you off the street and out of the heat. The Sheraton is a short walk from the Hilton, just a block or so South. The Westin… well, it’s way over on the other side. Steampunk is big at Dragon*Con, so think of it in that era. The Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton are like the Boston, New York and Philadelphia of the new world. The Sheraton is maybe Chicago. And the Westin is California – there is some cool stuff over there, but it’s a trek and you have to be committed to it. (I kid! Westin, we love you. You are totally one of the gang.)

Anyway, the con is big, so plan your travel time accordingly so you don’t miss out on your favorite panels (ours!). This year our track room is on the second floor of the Hilton, but we are also making use of the Crystal Ballroom in there too. If you were to plan an assault on the Hilton, there are three main entry points. Obviously, the front door – if you enter here you then have options for taking the elevators, stairs, or proceeding through the lobby to the main escalators. The Crystal Ballroom, which is where you can see our WoW Costume Contest, is beyond those main escalators, make a left, pass the bathrooms (mental note – this is where the first floor bathrooms are) and then hang another left. It’s almost as hidden as our old track room.

The second point of entry is the “side” entrance off to the right (if you are facing the hotel) of the front doors – if you are coming from the Sheraton this is the closest entry. From here you can get to everything the front door gets you, but also there is a small escalator here that will get you to the second floor. The third point of entry is the elevated walkway from the Marriott – why cross the street, dodging cars when you can mosey over to the track room in style! Yes, this hallway can get crowded and occasionally some idiot decides to try to stop someone for a photo in the middle of it, but since the alternative is going outside… it’s a nice hallway.

Once you are on the second floor of the Hilton, you will find us as part of the Grand Salon (which is a nice way of saying “giant humongous room that we can divide into smaller rooms”) along with a bunch of other parts of Gaming. If you look at the map, you’ll see that we share the floor with a couple other tracks, including Video Gaming and Digital Gaming, but also with Alice Cooper, Gillian Anderson & Richard Dean Anderson (no relation), and the rest of the Walk of Fame. That’s right, hang out with us all weekend and increase your chase of meeting con guests! (No promises.)

Back over at the Sheraton, we’ll be using the usual Capitol and Grand Ballrooms. Everything The Guild related you’ll find in the Grand Ballroom, our party will also be there on Saturday night. The Capitol Ballroom will host The Dragon Slayer Awards. See, we know going to the Sheraton is sometimes a chore, but that’s why we put such awesome stuff out there! Anyway, to get to the Grand Ballroom, you have to enter the hotel through the front door, head to the right and go up the stairs … or you enter through the side entrance, head to the right-ish and go up TWO flights of stairs. For the Capitol Ballroom, take that side entrance and be excited that you don’t have to climb any stairs!

So, that’s where we will be. If you are at the con on Thursday and bored (which you shouldn’t be as there are at least a dozen parties and totally fan run events going on) you can try dropping by the Grand Salon E in the Hilton and we might be there. Friday through Monday, you’ll always be able to find us there. And then on Tuesday… go home. 🙂