Star Wars: The Old Republic… Strikes Back.
Posted on June 27th, 2012 by Grim

So Patch 1.3  dropped for SWTOR this week…

I, like millions of others, have been swept away by the tide of the almighty Diablo 3 in recent weeks.  SWTOR was, essentially, a ghost town on many servers.  PVE content had been exhausted (we cleared the most recent operation in “Nightmare” mode about 2 weeks after 1.2 launched.) and PVP was a bit pointless once I had a full set of Battlemaster gear.

So what did patch 1.3 bring to the table?

Lots of things.  Group Finder, so now getting groups to run Flashpoints isn’t a complete waste of time.   Rated Battlegrounds so now you can PVP with folks who aren’t complete noobs.   Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with noobs, but they don’t mix well with advanced PVPers and the resulting tension isn’t fun for anyone.

Finally… Server Merges!

Bluntly put, SWTOR’s game world just feels so big that anything less than a full server makes the game feel sparsely populated, which can be bad news for an MMO.  MMO worlds need to feel busy.  After yesterday’s patch, I logged in to my new server and there was actually a short queue to get in!  It is the first time in my gaming life that I have ever been happy to see a queue. (it was shorter than 2 minutes, I’m sure that a longer queue would have dampened my enthusiasm significantly)  Getting set up for a PVP Battleground took about 30 seconds.  The only part I didn’t like was that talent points have been reset across classes and I’m having to re-learn my characters (and after a couple months off, it went a little slower than I liked).  That’s not their fault though, it’s mine.

I told my guild, and most others who asked, that I would wait and see what 1.3 brings before making a decision on keeping my subscription active or not.

I will.   If SWTOR can keep the content coming, the game is fun enough to keep me interested.  Just don’t wait 3 months before releasing new content, we players are gobbling up content much faster than that. (Player housing? Player generated content?  You have options here…)