Bioware has a round of layoffs
Posted on May 24th, 2012 by Grim

I know that is is pretty much industry standard to have a round of layoffs after an MMO launches, but it is somewhat curious to me that SWTOR is laying off their Community Relations manager, particularly one as well known and well respected as Stephen “Rockjaw” Reid.

I’m not saying SWTOR is in trouble, or anything… I mean, they’ve done two major content releases already and the game is only six months old.  As much as I like the game, I acknowledge that there are some issues that need to be addressed.

1) Group/Raid Finder. Shoulda had this at launch, however they have announced this for the 1.3 update.

2) Server populations.  SWTOR feels barren.  Even with a million people playing the game, SWTOR has too many servers and the population is too spread out. (Not to mention that a lot of folks, like me, aren’t logging in these days because of Diablo 3)

3) Lack of end game content.  We were doing hard mode of “Explosive Conflict” a week after it was released in patch 1.2.  Seriously, the game needs about 5 more “Ops”, or at least enough to give folks at level 50 2-3 hours of PVE content per night. (Not counting dailies… sorry, but those are chores, and pretty useless if you’re already decked out in the latest and greatest gear.)

4) Space re-write.  Get rid of the rail shooter and give us some real space combat.  Or better yet.. Space PVP!  It doesn’t have to be EVE Online, but give us something.

So now I put it to you guys… What do you want to see in-game?