What do you do when your guild falls apart?
Posted on May 21st, 2012 by Grim

A little background here…

Back when I played (literally) a dozen MMO’s, guild membership didn’t mean much.  Just some folks to play with when I had time to actually log in and play.

Now I’m down to one game.  One game where all of the folks I’ve been hanging out with have moved on to other games (D3, Guild Wars 2, the culprits are many)  What’s more, I have completed pretty much all of the end-game content, so it’s not like I care to spend the time required to “eval” with a new raiding guild.  I pretty much log in once or twice/week to hang out with friends and PVP a little.

So what’s a guy to do?  It is entirely possible, however unlikely, that I may spend the summer playing ZERO MMORPGs.  That’s an odd position to be in for a guy like me. =)

If I could transfer servers, I’d start looking around in the D*C community for fellow SWTOR players, but that isn’t in the game yet.  So now I find myself with a great multiplayer game and nobody to play it with.  The other hitch to character transfers… I’ve got two level 50’s and a 43 who is working his way to 50.  If they charge 25 bucks/character, it would be expensive indeed for me to move all of my guys to a new server.

In short, the next couple of months may very well make or break SWTOR.  Between end-game content, an LFG tool, server transfers, and other basic pieces of MMO technology, there are a lot of gaps in this game which need to get filled quickly.  The game is solid for what it is, but it isn’t enough to keep people interested for more than 6 months.  I talked to a guy yesterday who has TWELVE max-level characters in SWTOR.  Replayability is nice and all that, but new content is essential.

Should make for an interesting SWTOR panel this year, eh? (and yes, we’re having one… co-promoted with the Star Wars track!)