SWTOR: Looking for a Guild?
Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by Grim

So judging from comments made to me on Facebook and elsewhere, more than a few of you are playing SWTOR these days.  As it happens, I’m running (ok, I’m just an officer not the guy in charge… they aren’t completely crazy) a raiding guild on the Shii-Cho server (Empire side, of course) and we’re looking for a few more players.  We’re expanding our raid schedule to cover 7 days/week so you get to pick your own schedule. (With only 8 players required for a raid, there is no sense in making attendance mandatory.  Raid when you want to raid.)

If you’re interested, check out Pravus Mortis (See, not only do we love our sponsors… we actually use their product!  Thanks Guild Launch!)

On the D*C front, there’s not much going on right now.  First staff meeting is next weekend, but our staff is full, and this will basically be a chance for me to confirm that my staff is, in fact, still alive.