Really, Blizzard?
Posted on October 28th, 2011 by Grim

So apparently, one of the stories that is a little late coming out of Blizzcon is that L90ETC had a special guest performer give a video presentation to close the convention.  George Fisher, aka Corpsegrinder of the band Cannibal Corpse, had some choice words for the Alliance folks at Blizzcon.  “Emo”, “Fag”, and “They should kill themselves” were some of the wittier bon-mots. (What the hell would you expect from a Death Metal frontman?  Puppies and Kittens?)

Now look.  I have been as guilty as anyone of throwing around some faux-Alliance hatred at Dragon*Con… But seriously?  You’re going to do THIS at Blizzcon and not expect to catch shit for it?  The folks at GLAAD, and, and pretty much anyone else who understands that World of Warcraft is just a fucking game responded about like you would expect.  However, now there are other stories popping out about fans being assaulted at Blizzcon for wearing Alliance gear.


I mean… fucking-yay that Blizzard has officially apologized.  But still…

So here’s the deal.  No more “Roll Call” at Dragon*Con for the Horde and Alliance.  I’m not even willing to play into the whole Alliance vs Horde thing anymore.  For me, it was a lot of fun, but I draw the line at hearing about people being assaulted for wearing an Alliance t-shirt.  I draw the line at dealing with people who have no sense of context and who assault people for a purely manufactured reason.  It’s just a damned game, people.

There is a slightly darker corner of my psyche that wants to buy an Alliance t-shirt, show up to Blizzcon next year, and dare Corpsegrinder, Samwise, or anyone else to say something about it.