Star Wars – A New Hype
Posted on October 21st, 2011 by Grim

Brace yourselves.  Bioware has lifted the press NDA on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Get ready for every hack MMO site on the ‘net to give “Sneak Previews” of features from the upcoming game.  Pay no attention to the fact that you could get 90% of this information directly from the SWTOR site.  Pay no attention to the fact that most of these articles will be written by columnists who can’t see past their own preconceptions.  Pay no attention to the hordes of angry fanbois who will scream “This game SUX” because they can’t play a “Wookiee Jedi with a quadruple-bladed lightsaber” (which, while awesome, might be just a little unreasonable…)  Most of you have already made the decision on whether or not you are going to try this game. (example: Me… I’ve already purchased my copy)

The way things are going in this industry, it is worth it to boycott or black-out all gaming “news” sites and go into a new game with your eyes and your mind open.  If you ever want to re-create the “WOW!” experience of your first MMO, then perhaps reading some blog’s “comprehensive class breakdown” columns months before the game hits the streets is a bad thing to do.  Half the fun of this genre is in exploring the game world and figuring things out for yourself.  If you walk into a game armed to the teeth with advice and tips from some “beta tester”, you may as well save your money and go rent a movie instead.  The blogger has already taken the best part of the gaming experience away from you.

The value of MMO-style beta testing is debatable, but it is definitely good for one thing.  Building Hype.

…and here it comes.