33,000 SOE Accounts Compromised
Posted on October 12th, 2011 by Grim

In what has been an extremely bad year for Sony from an Information Security standpoint, the hits just keep on coming.  According to a story published on Massively, around 33,000 players have had their accounts compromised at Sony Online Entertainment.  Sony has locked down the accounts, and undone any in-game damage that may have occurred (sold off inventory, gold, etc), and the number of compromised accounts is a very small percentage of their entire player base. (For instance, Free Realms alone has several million registered users.)

Put into perspective, this is “just another week” at Blizzard, but the difference is that in this case, it wasn’t directly or indirectly the player’s fault that their accounts were hacked.  Kudos to the SOE team for getting on top of this so quickly, but if you guys are looking for a real Information Security pro, I know a guy… =) (LinkedIn)